Der Besuch

Der Besuch

Der Besuch I Katharina Sporrer I 09:19 I 2022

THE VISIT is the story of Nina, who comes to Berlin on a bus one early morning to
surprise visit her sister Lisa. They were once inseparable but while Lisa managed to find
her way, Nina drifted more and more into drugs. When Lisa arrives in Berlin, the two have not seen each other in almost three years. Lisa has become a single mother during that
time. Nina has come to make amends but as we find out, despite all the love and pain
Lisa has to reject her sister’s apology. At rock bottom Nina started selling pictures of her
daughter to pedophiles and was finally caught at the moment of having had set up a date
to traffic the little girl. That little girl then became Lisa’s daughter…

Cast: Sarah Eyfferth & Alissa Jung

Director: Katharina Sporrer
Assistant Director: Mareike Dansich
Assistant Producer: Natalie Herrmann
Cinematographer: Ayşe Alacakaptan
Sound Production: Guiseppe Lelo
Editor: David Jahn
Costume Design: Divya Puri

Music : Joaquin Otero Sojo

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